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Happy Voter Registration Day!

Sep 19, 2023

To me, voting is a DUTY and that is why it is so important to make sure you are ready to go when Election Day comes. TODAY IS VOTER REGISTRATION DAY! So let’s make sure you are registered to vote. (Note: for some of these steps you may need to have a account. Don’t be afraid, it’s easy, painless and you might find you can access a lot of good stuff this way, like the DMV who will let you know your registration is expiring before you get a ticket.)

STEP 1: You can click here to check your status. You ARE registered? FANTASTIC! You can go to step 3!

STEP 2: You aren’t registered? You can register online right now. Click here to register

STEP 3: Choose a party. (See below for why)

STEP 4: Vote in EVERY election! Locals, school board, homecoming court, whatever! Just make sure to vote, because everyone is entitled to your opinion. 

Are you REGISTERED already? Don’t be late to this party!

New York has closed primaries – this means if you aren’t registered as a member of a party by the end of the day on FEBRUARY 14, you will not be able to vote in primaries occurring in that calendar year. In some districts in New York, voting in a primary is the ONLY way to have the opportunity to weigh in on who you want representing you. 

To help you remember: Just think I ♥️ voting! (Valentine’s Day does sneak up on us pretty fast and you may be a procrastinator who has to assemble a passable bouquet from the left behind flowers at the bodega and that can be kind of time consuming, so maybe you should just click here right now and get it done.)

Do you have college students? We made this for them. Good for adults, too. Liz For NY Student Voting Guide

Vote. In every election.


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